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Our Services

Respite Services

 We have created opportunities to service youth and adolescents that are on the Autism Spectrum.  S​hort-term respite services with assigned counselors for clients with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism targeting self-esteem, social anxiety and quality of life.  Core areas are Art, Literacy, Leadership and Life Skills.

Community Mentoring 

We create opportunities for youth to connect to networks of support and resources that allow them to reach for social and economic opportunities to succeed. Our staff are held to the responsibility of modeling intentional behavior that support positive social and community goals and expectations.

Group Mentoring

 We create opportunities to provide support through positive mentoring relationships that promote the exploration of self- awareness, college/career options and continued encouragement for academic and personal success in a focused setting.

*If you are interested in one of the services named above please feel free to contact us for our service rates.

DCF Credentialed Provider

Temporary Care Services provides a short term break or intervention, separating the child/youth from caregivers for a few hours, or other relatively short period of time in order to assist family members with the practicalities of living and their attending to the needs of all family members. This service is provided in the home of the parent or caretaker.

Support Staffis a service designed to address the individualized needs of a child or youth in the community who may be exhibiting mild to moderately challenging behaviors in the home, in school or in the community. This service provides a range of life supports focused on making positive decisions and behavioral choices; assisting with attaining social and emotional gains; connecting with positive peer and other community supports and reinforcing success in school.

Therapeutic Support Services is a service designed to address the individualized needs of a child or youth with complex behavioral health needs. These children or youth have a current diagnosable behavioral health condition that results in moderate to acute functional impairment which substantially interferes with, or limits the child’s or youth’s role or functioning in family, school, or community activities. This service is intended for children or youth whose level of functioning puts them at risk of entering a residential level of care, disrupting from their home or foster placement, or for children or youth who are being discharged from residential treatment or a more acute level of care.

*If you are a parent or guardian looking to attain a DCF Credentialed Service for your child, you must contact your DCF Social Worker for a referral for services.  Please note that DCF Credentialed Service rates are set by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.


    What our clients are saying...

"Mr. Blue has recently started mentoring my son, who struggles with making meaningful connections with others.  Having Mr. Blue take time out of his schedule to spend time with my son means a lot to him."

Sara C.

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